Why I love words

I love words because words can be shaped and carved. Words have energy and life. Words can be a playground.

I love how khaki sounds even if the color is overused, how juxtapose feels like tongue-Yoga and how imagination sounds like a small country in the Middle East but it is also mind-expanding. I find it funny how you can take an escalator on your way to work but if you escalate at work, you get talked to. Maybe we should have de-escalators at the door of every business? I love how words we commonly use in our computer lives have crept into our dialects like a cat creeps up on an unsuspecting foot. We talk about unfriending each other, we describe memory using the concepts of RAM and Hard Drive, and we don’t just talk anymore: we check in, we chat or we update our status with each other. There is a downside to the blurring of boundaries where technology begins to own us (See my article on iPhone Nation.)

Every word has story. If you dig into the story of a word, you find the lengths the word has travelled and how it has come to rest wearily at your feet today. I am painting my fence right now and I thought about how paint is a way of re-covering the wood. In this context, recovery may mean adding paint to a worn fence, but the word “recover” has a much bigger resume. The word is around 700 years old and developed from an Anglo-French word recoverie, meaning “return to health.” Recover also had a legal meaning where a person would gain (or regain) possession of something through legal action. Further, it meant to right oneself after a blunder or a mishap. Today, recovery also means learning to live without substances controlling your life.

One word and we have journeyed 700 years. I’m exhausted! Word history (etiology) is surprisingly beneficial. Did you know that in the US, 90% of doctors are prescribing history lessons as a sleep aid? It is 98% effective and has few unpleasant side effects.

Words impact each of us. Sometimes we can spend too much time talking. For sure we can become imbalanced, talking far more than we are doing. But words, remember, have life. I think our words have power because they are little a piece of heaven… or hell depending on how we use them. Remember your Sunday School lesson, In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God. Any time we use words, we have the potential to create something when words are followed by application.

The words we use shape us and can give energy to our day. What we say is a playground where we can enter history through the doorway of a word. Words are multivitamins for the mind. For best results, take with food and combine with exercise.


Keep it real.




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