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I sometimes introduce myself as YodaNinja. “Yoda on the outside, Ninja on the inside.” This is because outside, I seem calm and composed and when I speak (or write), what I say can be profound, perplexing… or a little of both. But my inner world is another story. Deep inside of me is a Ninja battleground where thoughts, emotions, ideas, and utter randomness all fight for my attention. Every once in a while, they actually cooperate and I have to say, I’m deadly. But then they go at it again… and “Everybody is Kung Fu fighting.”

Growing up, being a YodaNinja had it’s perks. I always had somewhere to go when things got crazy: at home, when my dad would drink (which was most of the time), when all that I could feel was the sadness, or the years when I felt that no one no one really gets me.

I’m a dad, a husband and a guy whose mind has a mind of it’s own. My recovery from my addiction to numbing myself (with pretty much anything I can get my hands on) is a lifelong journey. I live with depression, anxiety and adhd… and sometimes they don’t get along very well with my family, or with the rest of my life.

Professionaly, I make my living as a Counselling Therapist in Edmonton, Canada. I teach on addiction and psychopathology at City University, and I have a small counselling practice where I use superheroes and other geeky stuff to help people make peace with their own personal YodaNinjas.

This blog is part of my healing and writing keeps me grounded. I hope that something I have written may add a little bit to your journey.

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4 thoughts on “More about Sean

      1. I am unsure how I stumbled upon this article but I think you were one of the counselors in a treatment program I attended towards the end of 2010. I will definitely sign up for the email list!


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