A Psalm for the Children: “Mom and Dad, Please Fix the WiFi”


Please bear with me. It’s Friday and I need to let off a little steam. Mental health is about finding your safe place and that is what this site is.  A safe place for you, and for me.

Blessed are the faithful, who delight in Google’s Terms of Service, and who meditate on those terms day and night.

This piece is different than most of my work. If you don’t much like it, please bear with me.

I dedicate this one to my barely-18, adult son. He believes that our home will be a perfect place, if only his mom and dad would do this one thing: “Please fix the WiFi.”

I share this meditation for all of the parents out there who have children whose greatest wish is that you have better WiFi. Please click on the photo below and share with anyone who needs a little… inspiration.If you enjoyed this post, I recommend an equally fantastic guest article by Ben Sedley, “Thoughts About Thoughts (adapted from Dr Seuss).”

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Photos by Ludovic Toinel and Eddie Kopp on Unsplash