Update your Java

I discovered coffee later in life, around the time that I asked my wife to marry me. Some may say that marriage drives you to drink. Marriage drove me to drink coffee. I blame it all on my sister-in-law. She made me a flavored coffee with just the right mix of sugar and cream. Mmmm. … More Update your Java

Fear and Cat Food

When I was in high school, I had a problem with excessive armpit sweat. (Yes, we are going there.) The problem continued into College where I would sweat so badly that I actually purchased special pads that my mother stitched to the underarms of my jackets so that I would not have water rings on … More Fear and Cat Food

Gregg’s stair

Every experience holds a story if we listen for it, every experience has potential to change us. Why did he do it? Was this craftsman off of his game, was he testing me or was he noble in his pursuit of excellence but he just had an off day? The Best Western Primrose Inn, Downtown … More Gregg’s stair


Fresh popcorn with salty butter. Just thinking about it reminds me of movies and being able to forget my life for a couple of hours. I love popcorn with butter and a little salt. Not so much salt that it burns the tongue but enough so that just when you finish one mouthful, you immediately … More Yeabutter

Bubble Parenting

Life has a way of colliding with you. Whether you like it or not you may be bumped, bashed and bowled over by life and you may end up with bruised and broken parts. I sometimes wish that I could bubble wrap my kids. I would like to protect them from the bashing that may … More Bubble Parenting