iPhone Nation

“My world is much bigger than you see.” Serena Ryder Do you drive by GPS? I recently purchased a Garmin GPS and I find it makes driving more interesting. It talks to me when I am alone and it tells me where to go. It warns me when traffic is heavy and it tells me … More iPhone Nation


Pills have their place and can be of enormous benefit when we need them, but “A pill is not a skill.”   Kolb & Whishaw, 2014, p. 602. Intro to brain & Behaviour. NY: Worth Publishing.


I love pets as long as they are your pets. Growing up, my family owned so many pets that neighbors called our home the Swaby Zoo. I have great memories with pets: being licked, slobbered on, hair on my socks, seeing/smelling/cleaning pet poop, smelling dog breath. Great memories. Now that I have my own home I … More Pet-trified???