Canada Day 2015: We’re sorry, but we have photoshopped our country

Canada Day 2015: we celebrate the National Department of Photoshopping. Canada is known for many things: Hockey, cold weather, a Beer Pipeline and  also for Photoshopping our natural beauty and our interstellar assets. First off, we wanted to let you know that we are not sorry for Photoshopping ourselves. We admit that it is unusual for Canada … More Canada Day 2015: We’re sorry, but we have photoshopped our country


Men face midlife crises; Women face menopause. Teenagers have their own crisis to deal with: Teenopause. Teenopause is most common in youth aged 12 – 20, however, some studies have found that Teenopause can last well into our 50’s. The symptoms of Teenopause: Dramatic mood swings Whining Craving Jube Jubes Isolating themselves in their rooms, while simultaneously demanding your … More Teenopause

The Necessity of Living Unnecessarily

Unnecessary things are like USB ports.  They are reminders, mementos, inspirational pointers that allow you and I to time travel… mental triggers of vacations past, adventures forward and unlived dreams. Unnecessary things are the seeds of a wild imagination and they make life worthwhile. Todd Henry talks about Unnecessary Creating in a recent Accidental Creative Podcast. After … More The Necessity of Living Unnecessarily