A Day Off?

One of the things I don’t get very often is a day to do whatever I want. Work, family, house, chores and the to-do list seem to eat up most of the “free” time that I have. So I secretly long for the day when I can just do nothing. It becomes like an mantra … More A Day Off?

Why I love words

I love words because words can be shaped and carved. Words have energy and life. Words can be a playground. I love how khaki sounds even if the color is overused, how juxtapose feels like tongue-Yoga and how imagination sounds like a small country in the Middle East but it is also mind-expanding. I find it … More Why I love words

Quitting Time

I have a love-hate relationship with quitting. I love the idea of not being a quitter, persevering and never giving up. I also hate the idea of not quitting, persevering and never giving up. What gives? I have quit jobs, quit a few relationships and quit more than a few bad habits. I have even … More Quitting Time

Stupid Anger

When I get angry, really angry, I lose IQ points. I call this stupid-angry. Any intelligence that I have when I am rational disappears when I become stupid-angry. Stupid-angry feels like I have drunk a 26 of emotional whiskey. My brain feels like it is moving in super fast Ninja speed, but what comes out … More Stupid Anger