How Much Sleep Is Right for You? (Guest Post)

Guest Post by Christine Hill We spend a third of our life sleeping, and yet the purpose and function of sleep remains to be largely cloaked in mystery. We know that it’s essential for processing and storing memories, that lack of sleep can lead to low functioning, and in extreme cases, symptoms similar to psychosis. … More How Much Sleep Is Right for You? (Guest Post)

Report: Exercise and Alcohol Use

Working out could reduce drinking’s deadly risks From the CBC September 8, 2016 About 40% of respondents met minimum physical activity guide of 150 minutes of moderate intensity. Being physically active offset some of the mortality risks associated with drinking, researchers found.  Move more to drink? Getting the recommended amount of exercise could help offset … More Report: Exercise and Alcohol Use

Lessons From a Lifetime of Self-Improvement

Lots of work but little change? I’m there. This year, I am going to lower my standards. ◊♦◊ By MARGARET WENTE The Globe and Mail, Published Saturday, Jan. 09, 2016 8:00AM EST Don’t tell me about self-improvement. I’ve been improving myself for decades. I have dieted, exercised, made to-do lists and then lost them. I have striven … More Lessons From a Lifetime of Self-Improvement