Be a Small Change Ninja


Doing the same thing today will bring the same thing tomorrow. If you want to be different tomorrow, you will have to begin today.

How have you changed lately? I change my clothes every day, but that does not do anything to alter my permanent identity. Making small daily changes may not really change you. It just might be change to keep up, like changing your clothes or changing the clock. Real change needs to mean something to you.

I experiment all of the time to see what may work just a little better. Recently I noticed that I have fallen into a habit of eating on a schedule rather than eating when I am hungry. So I I changed that and now I wait until I am actually hungry. I have also learned that I am a poor judge of what “full” is, usually taking about 15 minutes after I eat to sense how full I really am. When I ask myself how satisfied I feel with what I have eaten, it feels easier to eat a little less. One piece of advice if you are trying to adopt a LifeGain lifestyle like me, get used to change… but small change.

About two years ago I decided that I wanted to wear stylish hats. I don’t wear a hat every day, but I am investing in hats that have style. This outward change reminds me that I have decided to be a different person and my clothes reflect that.


Become an expert on how change works best for you. Choose an area that you would like to make a change and begin small. For some excellent advice on change see this website by James Clear.

Be a small change ninja.

Make small, meaningful ongoing changes that you can be consistent with rather than trying to make massive changes at once.


Sweat is the teardrops of change. BJ Gaddour

Keep it real

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