Daily vitamins?


“I eat my vitamins every day, it’s called a steak”

Robert Duvall in Kicking and Sceaming

Did you eat your vitamins today? I eat my vitamins every day but it took me about a year to get into the habit. Four years later I rarely miss eating them. Getting my kids to eat their vitamins is a different story. I have tried telling them the vitamins are good for them, praising them when they eat the pastel bits, being a role model and reminding them. Nope, does not work. Some changes have to come from the inside. Multivitamins are for my body, but I think we should each have other daily vitamins. Here is my list of “vitamins” that I need each day. I am interested to hear yours:

  • Daily hugs and talking with someone I love
  • Exercise
  • Write or create something
  • Meditate
  • Be thankful
  • Coffee
  • Read something
  • Laugh and be silly

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