Update your Java

I discovered coffee later in life, around the time that I asked my wife to marry me. Some may say that marriage drives you to drink. Marriage drove me to drink coffee. I blame it all on my sister-in-law. She made me a flavored coffee with just the right mix of sugar and cream. Mmmm. Ever since, I have been chasing the dragon. My Precious

One Bean to rule them all,

One Bean to find them,

One Bean to bring them all

and in the darkness bind them.

th (5)

For me, coffee represents something important. When I get up in the morning, I exercise, I shower, I put on my Bat Suit for work and then I get my coffee ready. When I sit down and drink my cup of coffee, tension seems to lift for just a moment. Somehow the world seems right when I drink this Beau Beverage. I slow down and I reflect. It is almost as if the coffee connects me to a great cloud of witnesses, an unconscious collective, a spirituality that calls to me. My coffee is my companion as I sit, I drink and I think.

Dog and cat lovers, don’t hate me. Just be honest with yourself about this. Coffee is better than a dog because you don’t have to walk it, get drooled on by it or clean up it’s… little brown coffee bean droppings (and some dogs have BIG coffee bean droppings, yikes!). Coffee is much better than a cat because it does not ignore you if I give it a different brand of cream or stir it the wrong direction.

This dog is trying to hypnotize you with it's eyes. Look away, look at the coffee and you will be free.
This dog is trying to hypnotize you with it’s eyes. Look away, look at the coffee and you will be free.

You may not be a coffee drinker, that is too bad for you. You may like tea. Again, I feel sorry for you. I will remind you that coffee is superior to tea because coffee comes earlier in the English alphabet than tea… C comes before T. (Just so we know who’s boss.) I have nothing against tea, I enjoy a Chai every now and then and I super-love Liquorice spice tea once in a while. But for me, no beverage can come near the Liquid Love that I get from my coffee. Even my computer uses Java. Not really sure how that works, but every now and then my computer asks me to update my Java. If my computer needs Java and it is super smart, I must be in good company.

Have a cup of coffee on me. If you are asked why you are sitting down and gazing at nothing in particular, just tell your Arcane Asker that you are updating your Java.

Let the Java update!
Let the Java update!

Keep it real.

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