The world needs you to embrace your inner Hipstervert!

“Here’s a good thing to do if you go to a party and you don’t know anybody: First take out the garbage. Then go around and collect any extra garbage that people might have, like a crumpled napkin, and take that out too. Pretty soon people will want to meet the busy garbage guy.”

Jack Handey

What’s all of the fuss about introverts these days? I find it interesting how it is suddenly popular to write articles about how cool it is to be quiet. The weird thing is that when I go to parties and stand quietly in the corner, no one runs up to me and asks me how I got to be so cool. I just stand there watching other people talk. And it is awkward. For them.

IMG_1738 (2)

Honestly, if I went to a party made of only introverts quietly talking to each other, I would probably want to put on a wig and act crazy. I kinda like being around extroverts. They make things more fun, especially when they try to talk deeply about things and then they get uncomfortable. It is fun being around extroverted people who are uncomfortable yet who love everyone watching them.

This introvert/extrovert thing got me thinking. What is the big deal? Why worry about our differences, why not think about what we share, the core that could bring all of us into harmony?

All you need is love, all together now
All you need is love, everybody
All you need is love, love
Love is all you need

All You Need is Love”  by Lennon & McCartney

So I investigated similarities of the introvert and the extrovert. What I found is that at the heart of our personalities is VERT. According to, 315 words have VERT as a root word. There are a lot of words out there that would be lost and lonely without the VERT.

  1. AdVERTize
  2. ConVERT
  3. CoVERT
  4. DiVERT
  5. InadVERTent
  6. OVERTip
  7. PerVERT
  8. ReVERT
  9. SubVERT
  10. VERTebrae
  11. VERTical
  12. VERTigo

And according to Websters, Vert has three definitions:

  • The heraldic color green. I love that I get to write about the word heraldic. Never thought I would use that in an article. I think if I get a dog, I would like to name it “Heraldic.”
  • Green forest vegetation especially when forming cover or providing food for deer.
  • The right or privilege (as in England) of cutting living wood or sometimes of pasturing animals in a forest.

All of this has blown my mind about the real roots of personality. At the core of introversion and extroversion is the color green, deer food and the right to cut wood. How did we go from color/deer food/wood cutting to personality? Is it me, or is there a little gap in our understanding?

“Go ahead, kick an extrovert. It’s all their fault anyway.”

I thought about it and I realized that it all comes together in our common ancestry. Hundreds of years ago, we all lived in the woods. I guess that back then, the introverts liked being alone in the woods with green things. Extroverts didn’t like being alone, so they started talking to the deer and cutting all the trees down. So really, we can blame international deforestation and global warming on the extrovert’s. Go ahead, kick an extrovert. It’s all their fault anyway.

I don’t know about you, but I have learned a lot today. And I have decided that introvert and extrovert are poor descriptions of who we really are. We have lost the richness of how to think about ourselves. To revive the heart of what makes you and I truly great, I propose a unified personality concept, Hipstervert. Hipstervert combines the strengths of each personality, linking us together through our heraldic roots, a love of deer and that we really are most happy when we are plaid wearing hipster wood cutting people.

Join me and together we will be a nation of Heraldic Hipsterverts!

Keep it real


To read more about personality and introversion, see my article The Quiet Leader Manifesto. You can also search my blog using the tag “Quiet Leader.”

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