Parents – Rather Than Drinking, Try Some Musical Abuse

Go ahead abuse your children. I do. I call it musical abuse. To accomplish this, you can use just about any song you want to abuse the people you love. It is better than therapy.

On the weekend my wife and I drove my son to shop for glasses. He was being an ass. He was demanding and ungrateful for the time and money we were going to spend on his eyes. Normally it would really irritate me, but Taylor Swift got into my Soul. So I just shook it off.
Shake it off!

Then I committed Musical Abuse. All the way to the mall, we blasted Taylor Swift at EVERY set of lights that we stopped at. And I bopped my head. It was not pretty because I am a middle aged white guy who cannot dance. But I loved every second of it. I finally was able to re-establish my power as a parent.

My son was butter in the back seat. He ducked down so that no one would see him. The whining stopped and we had some peace. We have Taylor Swift to thank for this moment of Parenting Peace.

Parents, please go ahead. Abuse your children with music.


Parents, Just Shake it Off!

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