Menopause Me
In Menopause, taking your clothes off  is not considered stripping unless you are in the middle of a business meeting. Just save it for when you get home.

Good day. Today we are going to be talking about Menopause.

Why would we discuss Menopause, you ask? I am 48 and I wonder if Menopause is upon me. (Or upon us… but I probably shouldn’t say that out loud). When I was little, my mother told me that Menopause is a Change of Life.

Change of life? Change of life is what happened when I decided to get married, when I had kids, when I bought my house and when I became a Manager. Change of Life happens everyday for me, it’s called work. I must be in Menopause then. My life is changing all over the place.

Go ahead, try it the next time you are asked what you do. Just say, “I am the Director of my own personal Menopause.”

Thanks’ mom, but you lied to me. (She reads my posts all of the time so I have to be nice… and she is my best support.) Menopause is not Change of Life. It is hell. For everyone.

I decided to have a little fun with the word Menopause. It is a fun word but a nasty experience. Especially least for men. (Am I allowed to say that?)

I love words because each word has it’s own DNA and the DNA is found in the root words. Root words are like the scenes of a movie. If you are the screen writer, you can experiment by moving the scenes around. Let’s have some fun and move the scenes around with a little movie that I call Menopause.


Men Oh Pause

Men Oh Paws

Me No Pause

Men Opahs

Me Nope a Use

As you can see, men end up at the wrong end of Menopause no matter how you break it down. Women, please don’t hate me for this. If you are in Menopause, please put the weapons down and walk away from the C4 explosives. We know you are suffering, your suffering is real, and yes, you are dangerous!

Women, you have power. Menopause says it all: you cause men to pause, you have paws with claws, you make us old and maybe a little wiser, and you confuse the hell out of us.

I hope I have given you some pause… and a moment. As we age, we need moments like this where we pause, where we laugh, and where we reflect. We need them so that we can get ready for the next weather change, which apparently happens a lot in Menopause.

If you like what I have to say about suffering, you will really love my recent post about the 16 Ways to Cope With Tinnitus.


Keep it real
Please share this post with your friends and especially with the men in your life. They need it.


2 thoughts on “Menopause Me

    1. Beth,

      Thank you for the feedback! I have a funny story about the Ninja thing. My nickname is Yoda-Ninja. I will write about that story in a future piece. Keep writing.


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