Blame it on The Microwave Fairy

IMG_4586I have heard of the Tooth Fairy, Tinker Bell, The Fairy Godmother. This is a Fairy Tale that is quick and cute… we’ll call it the Tale of the Microwave Fairy.

This morning, our daughter warmed up a frozen pancake in the microwave. She thought she set it for 1:00 minute and proceeded back to her bedroom cave. Seven minutes later the house was full of smoke.

I rushed upstairs because I thought there was a house fire.

Smoke filled the air, children were yelling and my wife was lighting candles. The microwave door sat open, nothing more than a guilty chasm. The cause of all this breakfast chaos? A smouldering pancake.

When we asked our daughter what happened, her answer made total sense. “Someone must have snuck in the house and changed the setting on the microwave.” Hmm.

The Microwave Fairy.

Convenient, silent, invisible and easy to blame. I’ll have to remember this one on Monday. The next time I forget to sign off on timesheets, a purchase order or someone’s annual evaluation…. You got it, The Microwave Fairy.

IMG_1738 (2)Life is more fun when you have someone to blame.

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Keep it real

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