19 Ways That Quiet Leaders are Like Yoda

Are you a Yoda leader?


A Yoda leader is Quiet on the outside and Ninja-like on the inside, calm but always thinking and planning. We may look quiet, but inside we are practicing Matrix Ninja moves: plotting takeovers, analyzing, writing novels, participating in campaigns and making a ruckus. You may look at our calm exterior and think that we are not reacting. Stand back we are charging our light sabers.


Take the test: 19 Questions to assess the strength of your inner Yoda

1. You are not upset about height, skin colour, your wrinkles or ear hair. You focus on inside power rather than exterior appearance. In fact, years of not fitting in have been your warrior school, training you on the art of not needing to fit in.

2. You listen well. Just look at those ears. Back off small eared one, we can hear your blood rushing to your head.

3. Some people are sandwich artists, you are a people artist. One at a time you mentor others and influence them to grow, to lead and to learn.

4. You are comfortable with nature. You may even live in a tree. Swamps are okay for you because they free your Yoda brain to create and focus your powers.

5. You are okay that you have a blankie and need some warm milk at night. Yoda leaders know their comforts and use them when they need them.

6. You have friends with body hair issues or other fur problems. You are accepting and okay with flaws. Flaws make people great.

7. You appear in other people’s dreams. You just do.

8. You speak in short, wise sentences. Sometimes you can be confusing, but if people listen, they will gain wisdom. Wisdom does your mouth speak.

“You must unlearn what you have learned.”

9. You train heroes who lift spaceships. And then you get up the next day and go back to your swamp. Hey, trees don’t talk back. See #4.

10. You have a cool light saber and other gadgets. When the world is going crazy, you calmly wield your strength by speaking wisdom, encouraging others, focusing and using your gadgets. He or she with the most gadgets is a Yoda Leader.

“Already know you that which you need.”

11. You travel with furry creatures, machines and robots, rebels and smugglers, heroes in training, queens and old geriatric heroes. You have a mixed group of friends and you like it. You like technology, but you like weird better.

12. You were the first person to have just one name: Yoda. Bono, Madonna, Prince and Cher are one name wannabes. You wrote the book and you only need one word: Yoda.

13. You like to save planets, souls, lives, futures, destinies and swamps. You hug trees and you like it. You may not dance or sing very well, but you can make other people stand on their heads because you believe.

14. You seem slow but you are fast when you need to be. Ninja fast. You save your powers for important stuff. This makes people underestimate you all of the time. In fact, that is part of your Yoda power. Underestimation leaves them underthedecimation.

15. You draw on the power of Quiet. Silence fills you and you move in it. Quiet makes you come to life and pumps your veins with strength. Close the door, you must, and recharge.

16. You are Yoga. People just changed the name so they don’t have to use your name every time they want to quietly stretch, regain their power and surge. You approved the change and you let them have their fun.

17. You warn people about their dark side. They usually don’t listen because they like to run around with weapons, trying to save things. You speak wisdom but they don’t always listen. Sometimes you may have to speak a little louder.

18. You are a philosopher. You think deep thoughts and you say cool things. You don’t have to say anything in order to be your wise, deep self. “Always in motion is the future.” Yup, you said that!

19. You have a nickname. Mine is Yoda-Ninja… (Yoda on the outside and Ninja on the Inside), what’s yours?

Learn you may about the Leader who is Quiet. Link is hear, click you must. Friends you have and share you will.

Real you must Keep it!

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