11 Ways to Defy Your Depression with Humor

Man laughs at his depression

Depression isn’t just gloomy and um, ‘depressing’. It can be a little fun!


I am facing a season of depression right now. Depression can get you really down and honestly some days are really rough. Mental Health is not something to laugh at, but laughing can improve your mental health. Today, I am defying my depression with laughter.

11 Ways to Defy Your Depression with Humor

  1. Your mind is always on, always burning calories for you. It becomes a fat burning machine.
  2. You take a long time to make decisions. That gives you time to change your mind. A lot.
  3. You have time to catch up on all of the Netflix shows that you never watch. You learn more than you wish you knew about forensic criminal work.
  4. Just moving around is a workout.
  5. You second guess yourself all of the time. This can be good if your job is to solve puzzles.
  6. You have your own internal weather system. Sunny outside, dark and rainy inside. Every day.
  7. You cry during every movie, even Terminator Genisys. And actually it wasn’t that good of a movie.
  8. You realize that it is a skill to turn everything into a negative. If you get a raise, you have to pay more taxes. If you get invited out for dinner, you will have to miss your favorite shows.
  9. You give yourself permission to eat comfort food. Just hope that your comfort food is not everything that you see.
  10. You forget what you were doing because you get lost in thought. I was going to say something else, but I forgot.
  11. You can laugh and cry at the same time. Trust me, that takes real skill.

I often joke about being depressed and uninsured because laughter is literally the best medicine I can afford right now – and I’ve shopped around.

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