Unconditional Recovery Support

13 Guiding Principles for Unconditional Recovery Support.

Does this ring true with your experience? As someone facing my own mental health recovery the points ring true. Join me in the comments.

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I’m reading a book called Unconditional Parenting. (It’s a good book, though I can’t recommend it without some qualifiers.) He offers 13 guiding principles for unconditional parenting that seem to offer some helpful ways to frame unconditional recovery support.

It’s important to keep in mind that it doesn’t really matter if we believe our support is unconditional. What matters is that they believe our support is unconditional. This doesn’t mean there are no conditions to participating in a particular service, rather that we will never give up on the client, we’ll try to always be there as a fellow traveler.

Here is a stab at adapting them to recovery support.

  1. Be reflective – Continually examine my own practice—check my motives, examine how my life experience is influencing my practice, what beliefs and emotions are influencing my recovery support, etc.
  2. Reconsider our plans – When compliance becomes a problem, maybe the problem…

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