The Resting Seriousface: Smile or You Will Be Shamed

RBF_Contempt and the Resting Bitchface

Recent research has uncovered the cause of the Resting Seriousface and it’s not pretty.


Be warned: Your smile is public property

The resting serious face, otherwise known as the Resting Bitchy Face (RBF) for the serious faced women and Resting Asshole Face (RAF) is for the dour men out there.

A recent research project was completed by scientists at the Noldus Information Technology firm using a facial recognition program that has a database of over 10,000 faces. The computer analyzes 500 points on the human face and assigns an emotional tag to each face:  happiness, sadness, anger, fear, surprise, disgust, contempt, and “neutral.”

Queen Elizabeth BitchfaceResearchers inputted pictures of RBF/RAF elite that include Kanye West, Kristen Stewart and Queen Elizabeth. The computer found that a serious disposition is primarily caused by the emotion of contempt.

It’s in the subtle signals, like “one side of the lip pulled back slightly, the eyes squinting a little.” Contempt is not a compliment: it’s a serious emotion, defined as disdain, disregard or even scorn.

Body language is all about the subtleties. The computer analyzes the face and can detect the slightest facial responses. A neutral face actually 97% neutral and 3% emotion. When someone with a resting seriousface has their expression analyzed, the emotional level doubles to 6%, mainly due to what the computer defines as contempt.

The Noldus facial recognition software accurately reads expressions 85-88% of the time, which is the same as most humans. So go ahead and frown because judgment has just been outsourced.

We trust the smiley faces

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Photos credit to Flikr/Alan TurkusForeign and Commonwealth Office

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