Love is an e-Motion

Love Never Stops

Love is open like a storefront, honest like recovery and messy like art.


This poem was the impetus for my article, The Six Loves that Create Lasting Love. I welcome you to enjoy both pieces and I hope they provide you with some inspiration and encouragement in your relationships.


What is Love?

Love is emotion


The notion of emotion

Full of passion,


And Luv.


What is Love?

Love is a choice,

One of many.

Process of elimination,




What is Love?

Love is a state of being,

I visited once.

It’s somewhere in


Exclusive, they say.


What is Love?

Love is delusion:

Denial of the Fittest.

Temporary Insanity,

Unspoken profanity.

A loss of reason.


Love is What?

Love is a verb,

Active and moderately Adverbed.

Present, but not tense.

Real and honest.



Love is What?

Love is the motion of emotion,

Love is the voice of choice,

Love is both state and trait.

Love is fusion:

A chosen delusion, and

As real as a meal.


Love is What?

Open like a storefront.

Honest like recovery.

Messy like art.

Hard, not faking.

Healing like grama’s baking.



Previously published by SMSwaby at the Good Men Project. For more poetry  by SMSwaby, see Life Happens When You Are Waiting for Life to Happen and You Cannot Be a Man Without a Little Patience.

Photo by Vinoth Chandar, title: Love Never Stops. Description: “Even a cyclone cannot stop lovers. A cyclone named ‘Thane’ hit Tamilnadu coast yesterday. Most parts we affected due to heavy rains and thunderstorms including chennai where the sea water came 500 meters in to the city till the service road in chennai marina beach. I was there to shoot some photos and i was shocked to see this couple walking in the waters and enjoying the climate. I watched them for quiet a while before taking this shot. There were never perturbed by anything around them.”

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