Canada for President

Canada for President

Americans, Canada is your best Candidate for the next election!


Okay American friends, this video made me crack up. It’s funny and makes us laugh at ourselves. I had to write about it and post it… just because it is so well done.

We know that America is a great country. We just want to make it good again.

Americans, the video really reminds you that Canada thinks about you. In fact, you are like a big brother and we are your little buddy. Don’t beat us up and you will still get access to our oil and our other natural resources. If you just behave yourselves, we can keep a good thing going.

We’ve been thinking about you. Your country is on fire and your leaders are roasting marshmallows.

I have gotten a lot of Facebook requests from Americans who are looking to become refugees. Just remember that Canada is cold. We do have free healthcare, but you might have to shovel your way through the snow to get there.

And in case you are thinking of building a wall… Really??? Really? Who would vote for that one?

The video is funny, but the party behind it is real. They may stand for some

Presented by: The Canada Party – America, But Better

Keep it Real

Photo by Mauricio Lima

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