Recovery: Truth in Humor

Some of the Least Helpful Mental Health Advice You Could Ever Say to Living with Mental Illness.


The video below is very funny and it contains a lot of truth. Sometimes we learn more from humor than anything else.

Here is some of the least helpful mental health advice you could ever say…

  1. Just stop it. Stop it!
  2. Do I need to repeat myself?… Stop it!
  3. Has anyone really done that to you?
  4. You don’t want to live with fear all of your life, do you? Sounds frightening…
  5. We don’t talk about the past here.
  6. You want to be with a man/a woman don’t you? Then just stop it.
  7. Don’t be stupid, you are being a big baby.
  8. Just get in the car and drive, you kook!
  9. I don’t make change, just stop it.

Keep it Real

Photo by Gudka

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