Recovery is Found on the Way

Jasper 6

Your path will change you


Your path. It means everything. 

However you choose to go, if by foot, or by car, or by bike, or by air. How you get there makes the path come alive.

In recovery, your path is your teacher.

Your path will bring the obstacles. The obstacles bring life to you. 

Jasper 2How you travel will bring unique obstacles. You may choose to go to recovery groups but not therapy, or therapy but not recovery groups, or both, or none of that (and something altogether unique). Whatever path you choose, you also choose your obstacles. 

When I use my bike instead of my car, I know that the ride will take longer, it will make me sweat, it will bring dangers and it will require me to hold my belongings on my back. But I will also feel closer to the road and pay more attention than if I were to drive.

Jasper 1Your path will determine its own length of time.

Things take longer on foot. Sometimes that pisses me off. I walk and it takes too long. One foot in front of the other is painfully slow… one. foot. in. front. of. the. other….  But in order to get to some places, you can only go on foot. And when you use your feet, you are connected to yourself, your discomfort and to the earth that you walk on.

Recovery will take more time than you want it to, but it will also connect you to yourself and to other people. That is the point.

Your path will possess gifts.

The path you choose will have unique gifts. All that you have to do is be aware of them. The gifts may be friendship, new insight, humility, learning to ask for help, or a different point of view.

Your path, it means everything: How you choose to go is what you will learn.

jasper 4

Keep it Real

All photos property of smswaby and taken in Jasper, AB.

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