24 Awesome Things About Dads

23 Awesome Things About Dads

Dads are special because of who they are. 


A father is something special. Don’t get me wrong, mothers are irreplaceable; mothers are awesome. Mothers may do many of the things on this list, but dads are awesome because of who they are.

23 Awesome things about dads

1.They teach you how to do things.

2.They are at peace with a little messiness.

3.They are fantastic at making snacks, popcorn and the foods that make a party feel fun.

4.They let you drink too much pop.

5.They know that when you mess things up, that is part of life’s way of teaching you.

6.They use everyday life to teach you things. Some things don’t make sense right now, but that’s how they roll.

7.They use humor in almost everything they do. Sometimes it can seem like they aren’t taking things seriously, but they are just trying to get their point across differently.

8.They like it loud and they like their rock and roll. Or maybe their country music, or maybe classical. Whatever way they go, they like it loud.

9.They know that even if you are eating healthy, sometimes you need a little bit of junk food.

10.They talk about their failures because they hope that it will save you some trouble.

11.They let you scrape your knees. And they even let  you drive the car, knowing you will probably dent it.

12.They know you are not a screw-up, even when you screw up.

13.They are quiet and they listen to you when you need to vent.

14.They are on their phone, but they can put it down when you need them.

15.They know how to dress up for work, but they like their jeans and work shirt.

16.They are technology-whisperers. They understand how to use the remote and they know how to change the screen saver.

They are like Yoda. Every now and then, they have gems of wisdom that you should write down and keep for later.

17.They are like Yoda. Every now and then, they give you these gems of wisdom that you should write down and keep for later.

18.They know how to stay young. Some do it through music, or through humor, or through how they dress, or just through their personalities.

19.They like to dream. Some of their dreams may not work out, but they know the value of holding onto their dreams.

20.They get you. They may be weird sometimes, but they know it is important to get you.

21.They know that some days, you just can’t match your clothes. They get that mismatched socks or shirts are part of how life how works.

22.They believe in you, even when it is hard.

23.They know that you are important. They may not play piano, they may not get ballet or they may not like sports, they go to your games and your concerts, and celebrate everything you do.

24.They love you.

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