10 Reasons Why Some People Love To Be Nose Pickers

10 Reasons Why Some People Love To Be Nose Pickers

Why do people pick their noses?


Someone close to me is a raving nose picker.

Yup, third-knuckle into the nose. And he loves it. He’s been embarrassed by his soccer team and called out about the behavior.

But he keeps doing it.

So it struck me that nose picking must be important to him for several reasons.

10 Reasons Why Some People Love To Be Nose Pickers

  1. To be a member of the invisible tribe of the hairy nose pickers. They are an exclusive club, members only.
  2. Looking for that which shall not be named. Voldemort? Nope… Something else.
  3. It keeps you young. Kleenex is so adult, fingers are better.
  4. It is because of curiosity. Where else can you engage in a daily search for hidden treasure… right in front of your eyes?
  5. It is for dexterity practice: an opportunity to practice your fine motor skills.
  6. It is about an existential search: looking for the unknown and the not-yet-known.
  7. The best things in life come from small hairy places.
  8. A childish love of digging in the dirt is replaced with another form of digging.
  9. It is a private form of self-care.
  10. It’s about math: One nose, Two nostrils, ten fingers. Thirteen is now a lucky number.

People who love to be nosepickers also love to drive. I know, it’s strange. Have a look at this 3-minute youtube video about existential nose picking.

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Photo by Jon-Eric Melsæter

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