What Does it Mean to Be Canadian?

Canada celebrates our 149th birthday today!


Today is Canada’s birthday. It’s our way of holding a “True North Strong And Free” celebration.

Canada’s national anthem reminds us of some of the things that Canada is all about:

  • Our land is vast and our people are vaster. We are a country of vasterness. I know that’s not a word, but neither was Canada before it was made up.
  • True love and patriot passion. This doesn’t mean we shoot things or carry guns. We love our country, but we show it in other ways. Like coffee, and doughnuts. Tim Hortons’ is ours. Just sayin’.
  • Courage. We spell courage Hockey, and Music, and Family, and Work. We are a country of people who Can, not a people who Can’t (ie, Canada)
  • A great sweeping land full of promise. Yes, we are big. We won’t apologize about that. We have land, natural resources, blue skies, water, and oil. We are not a land flowing with milk and honey, but we are pretty close. Besides, if milk was flowing everywhere, that would be gross.
  • Faith and hope and devotion. We have faith in our country, in each other, in ourselves, and in God. Not everyone believes the same thing, we are free to make up our own minds on stuff. We have a lot of opinions, we just don’t feel we have to tell you everything we are thinking. We have a Prime Minister, not a Donald Trump. We are thankful.
  • Standing together. When things get tough, we stand together. We promise we won’t build a wall to keep you out unless you all start to carry weapons. We’d rather eat pizza than carry guns. It’s not that we don’t value our country, we just don’t need to use guns to show someone else that we have power.

Comedian Shawn Majumder shares his take on what it means to  be Canadian:

Happy Birthday to all of my Canadian friends and family. And to the rest of the world, we wish you a Happy Canada Day, eh!

To see more about Canada Day, see Canada Day 2015: We’re Sorry, but We Have Photoshopped Our Country.

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