The Dusty Man

20 Years of Dust

Dust contains tiny bits of life.


20 years of dust

It came out of nowhere.

I went to sleep

And it found me


An inch thick and a mile wide

Like a blanket,

But cold

And lonely.


Befriended by dust

And a lonely couch

Lost without a map

Sick without a doctor.


I can’t figure out

Where the dust came from.

Some say it is stardust

To me, it smells like smoke.


Discharge from an explosion

Distant energy hurtling

Volcano dust



Covered in the embers of a fire

That longs to rekindle

Still warm

Coaxing me back to life


The dust whispers

Life is dusty

You are covered in it

It’s in your soul


Dust is in your DNA

It contains tiny bits of life


Leftover and ready


The tiny bits of yesterday

Can weigh you down

But know that your worries

Are but a speck of your life


Marriage, kids, job, and life

It’s all found in your dust

You have clouds of it following you

So keep moving.


If you like this, please see The Best Relationships are Dusty.

Keep it Real

Photo by Matt Anderson

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