Perhaps this is One of the Most Radical Words of Your Recovery


Perhaps Today Will Be Better?


Perhaps is a word of change. It is a word that is both uncertainty and possibility all wrapped in one. It believes in spontaneity, chance, and wonder. It is playful. It gives flexibility to our thinking and an openness to new things. Perhaps today will be better.

Perhaps is not fatalism or giving up. It is radical and bad-ass. It is a refusal to give up, it is radical acceptance and defiant hope when life is persistently difficult. Perhaps acknowledges how difficult things are, while you do what you can do to make a change. 

Perhaps your recovery can be back on track? Perhaps your gloom, your anxiety or your pain can find some relief? Perhaps you will find the will to continue to work on your recovery? Perhaps

Perhaps acknowledges one reality while making room for more. More life. More possibility. More hope.

Perhaps is an antidote to the black and white thinking that can run rampant in our minds and the perfectionism that can steal our joy. Perhaps the next time you will resist longer, fight a little harder or ask for help sooner? Perhaps

Perhaps is a house with a window that gives you a fresh view. It is a word that can change your life as it changes your mind. It makes room for a difficult today while believing that tomorrow can be better.

Perhaps today is a day to make room for a word of hope and change? Perhaps will be better? Perhaps.

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