Your Mistakes Won’t Ruin Your Life! They Will Change You.

“We’re all afraid of making the mistake that will ruin our lives. There’s probably no such thing. Even if we made every mistake we feared would ruin us, our lives wouldn’t be ruined. They would be changed.”

Regina Brett, “God Never Blinks.”

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2 thoughts on “Your Mistakes Won’t Ruin Your Life! They Will Change You.

  1. I don’t know about mistakes not ruining your life. Many people had their lives ruined because of a single mistake made by them. Another thing is that many of us had our lives ruined because we had to pay for the mistakes of other people. For example, the economic meltdown by the bankers in 2008 ruined many people’s lives and the bankers’ lives were never ruined at all because of the mistakes they had made.


    1. Gunther,
      There are definitely levels of mistakes and impacts can be devastating. Mistakes, however, can be viewed positively and they can change you if you find ways to adjust to them.

      Thank you for reading my work and for taking the time to comment!



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