A New Definition of Recovery: “Uncovery”

Yesterday, I wrote about how I hate recovery. You can find that post by clicking here.

In the post, I reflected on how recovery is not the best word for what we are trying to accomplish in getting healthy after our substance use, depression, anxiety or other mental illnesses.

So I coined a new phrase: Uncovery.

Uncovery is different than “Recovery.” Uncovery means that you consider how your life is more than your drinking, substance use, or overuse of: food, porn, gambling, the internet or shopping.

I am excited to let you know that Uncovery is now officially a word with it’s own page on the Urban Dictionary. You can find more about Uncovery and it’s definition by clicking here. Please ‘like’ the definition and share it with others that you know who are in recovery.

Instead of recovering yourself – Uncover yourself: Accept whatever you are experiencing, be willing to open up to life, and care for yourself.

Uncovery is not my first word, you can find my first Urban Dictionary word – Crastination – here.


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I write articles that talk about the kind of changes I am trying to make in my own life. I hope that my writing also helps you. My topics include addiction and mental health recovery, relationships, and personal growth. I work as an Addiction Therapist, an Editor for the Good Men Project and freelance writer, and Adjunct Professor at City University, Edmonton. But what is most important is that I have a family and I am in recovery from depression and anxiety. My mental health experiences are part of my personal University degree, but they do not define me.

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