4 Ways that The Good Men Project will Make you a Better Man (or Woman)

I am a better husband, father and individual because of the Good Men Project. They are more than a website or media site. The site is not just interested in content or page views. They are having a conversation and it has changed my life over the past two years.

Why should you be a friend of the Good Men Project?

Four benefits of being a part of the Good Men Project:

  1. You learn to take risks in your life.
  2. You realize that men face the same things that you are facing.
  3. You begin to feel less alone.
  4. You learn to be more open about hard topics that are not easy to talk about:
  • Men and depression
  • What makes a ‘real’ man?
  • Being a man means that you are engaged (not distant), caring (it’s not just about sex!), vulnerable (not tough, nor silent) and strong (not just muscular or having a good beard).
  • How our society pushes men (and women) into macho roles because of insecurity
  • How men can be vulnerable and open about their stuff and still be manly

The Good Men Project would like you to be involved and here is how you can be a part:

I write articles that talk about the kind of changes I am trying to make in my own life. I hope that my writing also helps you. My topics include addiction and mental health recovery, relationships, and personal growth. I work as an Addiction Therapist, an Editor for the Good Men Project and freelance writer, and Adjunct Professor at City University, Edmonton. But what is most important is that I have a family and I am in recovery from depression and anxiety. My mental health experiences are part of my personal University degree, but they do not define me.

I hope to inspire you, to inform you and on occasion to entertain you. But most of all, I want to connect with you. Sign up for my blog if you want to receive the latest and best of my writing. If you like what I have to say, please share my work with your friends.

Lastly, if you like my writing, you can click here to vote for my page on Psych Central’s list of mental health blogs.

Keep it Real

One thought on “4 Ways that The Good Men Project will Make you a Better Man (or Woman)

  1. There are still some problems in working with some guys in the Good Men Project because these same guys think that masculinity particularly if it is like John Wayne or Clint Eastwood is a strength and anything else like compassion, empathy, sensitivity, crying, etc. is a weakness and makes you a wimp and not a “real” man. Too many males have paid the price with the negative consequences of trying to be masculine at the expense of the rest of their emotions.


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