5 Old Words that Give Us a New Way to Express Ourselves

If you are looking for creative ways to express yourself, look no further!


This post is a little different than my regular posts. Fear not, I just wanted to have a little weekend fun. Hope you enjoy it. For more fun or humorous posts, use the search box on the top right corner of this page.


Someone who wastes a lot of time.


This would be a person WHO CAN ONLY SPEAK BY SHOUTING. That’s all we’re going to say ABOUT THAT!


Someone who’s clumsy and heavy of foot would be considered a stampcrab.


scobberlotcher is someone who avoids hard work . . . like it’s their job. The next time you catch someone dozing off at their desk, hit ’em with this one, even if it is just under your breath.


fopdoodle is someone of little significance. So, if you’re letting someone get on your nerves who really shouldn’t have the power, remember that they’re just a fopdoodle. Then, carry on.

• • •

For more great unused words, see Insults We Should Bring Back by dictionary.com

Photo by Salvatore G2

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