6 Workouts for Your Inner “Yes-Butter”

Learn to let go of your inner “Yes-Butter” and instead listen to your inner “Yes-Better” ___ Your mind is very good at being a “Yes-Butter.” You can tell that your mind is Yes-Butting when it judges you, disputes and constantly reminds you of your shortcomings, failures and various “issues.” We began yesterday’s post with a … More 6 Workouts for Your Inner “Yes-Butter”

Eraser forYour Eyes

  I wish I had Liquid Paper for my eyes… I’d like to call it Liquid Eyepaper. And if it ever comes out, you first heard about it here. That’s what this blog is all about folks, changing the world. Just saying Liquid Eyepaper, I know I am in trouble with a number of demographic groups like … More Eraser forYour Eyes