One of the Best Ways to Let Go of Your Inner Editor

Click on poster for article on the 5 Ways to Make Peace with Your Inner Editor. I write articles about wellness, leadership, parenting and personal growth. My hope is to deliver the best content I can to inspire, to inform and to entertain. Sign up for my blog if you want to receive the latest and … More One of the Best Ways to Let Go of Your Inner Editor

Wanted: A Real Man

What is a Real Man? ___ “Wanted: A Man of Steel. Please send photos of your abs and your junk.” This is a real ad… it’s something I am writing about for an upcoming piece. What do you think about the questions: Is there such a thing as a Perfect Man… A Man of Steel? … More Wanted: A Real Man

Mental Health: The Silent Wait of Depression

I remember hiking in Banff, Alberta and I was engrossed in the stunning beauty of the area. I came across a large high ridge meadow with a sign that described how glacial ice had caused the ‘depression’ that created the lake and the meadow. The sign described how  rock had been shaved away, exposing the deeper cavities which created space … More Mental Health: The Silent Wait of Depression

Personal Graffiti

I was recently asked to paint a large painting, intended to be used at my church to kick off the year with a new theme. I was given a few ideas and some words to put on the canvas. Then I painted. It was edgy and different. I poured my energy and my life into … More Personal Graffiti