Feedback can change your life

“Feedback can change your life, if you let it!”

Who gives you honest feedback? Not just encouragement, but real-world-honest words about what or about how you are doing?

Well,  I would like that from you, the people who read what I have to say. I love to write and one day I plan to write a book. My goal is not to become famous or rich… Most writers are not rich or famous. I just love to write. I also love to know that what I am writing is hitting the mark for you. Otherwise, I am just filling a page with words that sound nice to me.

Could you take a few minutes to give me your honest feedback on the questions below?

  1. I would like to know if what I am writing resonates with you, and how?
  2. I am interested in what topic interest you?
  3. How easy is it to find what you want to read and navigate through my blog?

I appreciate your time and ideas. I will respond to every email or post. I have a number of ways for you to respond. You can use the comment section below this post, the facebook link at the top right of the post, or email me by clicking on the link right here:


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Keep it real

4 thoughts on “Feedback can change your life

  1. 1. you are not afraid to be honest and share many gems of wisdom.
    2. i’m interested in pretty much anything except sports! Love the stories about how you learn.
    3. Your blog is easy to navigate in and I am 75!
    4. Keep on keeping on – you are awesome.


  2. I love your wisdom and how you put it into words with both encouragement and humour. It is very easy to navigate. If you write a book I will be one of the first to buy it. Keep doing what you do and the way you do it and you will be fine. Hope the book is written before I’m too old to read it!!


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