Follow your passion is crappy career advice


This is a great piece about “Following your Passion” by Mike Rowe. I agree with his advice. Some jobs suck at first but you find a way to like them. Sometimes relationships are like that too. Sometimes parenting is like that… and exercise… and living with some of the stupid decisions I have made. Come to think about it, most of my life has been “find your passion along the way” as I have done what I needed to do to pay the bills and slowly improve my life. I have more passion now in my life than ever… but I had to find it by working at things and not giving up.

For me, passion seems to grow like a crop at the end of a long season of work rather than it being something that leads me to my best work. Some of my best work happens when I am irritated, frustrated and fed up. Passion happens when I work through things that suck rather than doing something I always (or mostly) enjoy. Figuring out how to make a nasty job enjoyable is a skill. It’s called character.

I wrote about these ideas at an earlier blog post here.

Keep it real


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