Rx for your Ex: A Prescription for a new A.S.S. this New Year

This post originally published June 14, 2014 under the title “A prescription that could change you.” I have reworked the content for your enjoyment!


Rx for your Ex:

This is one that you may want to take personally.

Exercise: take once per day and follow directions. Avoid doing it while driving, while sleeping or while in line at the checkout. Take it when you feel up, take it when you feel down as expected results depend on consistency.

For best results, take along with healthy food and do not mix with alcohol or drugs. Some soreness is expected, avoid if pain persists.  Ignore the recommendations of the stupid and famous who advise you to push too hard. Best results have been shown with small daily doses.

As with any prescription: use common sense when following any plan. Expect physical, mental and emotional benefits, although results vary. Like any bodily system, regular movements result in lasting satisfaction.

Improvements have been shown when the patient takes it personally. Follow Doctor’s advice and come back the next day.

Active ingredients are you and your A.S.S.**

  • Active daily

  • Sustained movement

  • Snack in moderation

“I eat my vitamins every day, it’s called a steak!”

Robert Duval, Kicking and Screaming

Keep it real.

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