Why does SADuary have to come right after Christmas?


I live in Edmonton, Alberta. My city is known by a few names: Festival City, River City, Oil City, the Capital City and the City of (formerly) Champions. Now we have one more name to add to this impressive list, we are now known as the saddest city in Canada. I will let that sink in, as I cry a few man tears. Tears for Fears… I’m crying for the suffering of others and not because my city sucks or anything like that.


One of the funniest news pieces I have seen is where the ‘iconic’ City of Edmonton signs announcing had been vandalized. I am not promoting vandalism, but this was rather tame… and rather funny. The mysterious author of the alternative names came up with these nuggets:

  • City of Speed Traps
  • Construction City
  • Suck it Calgary
  • City of Champignons (an obvious dig at the current slogan, “City of Champions” and my personal favorite).

As I read through the tortuously boring comments at the end of the CBC article, a few creative types added their own:

  • City of Craters
  • City of Sirens

Some of the comments from the taking-it-too-seriously crowd led me to create a few of my own:

  • City of People Who Take Things Too Seriously
  • Ceriocity (pronounced Siri-aw-City)
  • City of Organized Seriousness

The researcher whom I was referring to at the start of this article concluded that Edmontonians post the saddest tweets. Based on studying 130,000 of our Emoticons and Smiley Faces, we are the saddest. Huh? Other cities give more smiley faces and they are the Champs??? My tweet: #this research sucks. And I am depressed because my city has a stupid sign!


Interestingly, I did my own research by analyzing the Facebook posts from my nephew who lives in a nearby city, Calgary. He regularly sends Facebook messages about how Edmonton’s sports teams suck. Based on my research, 40% of his posts are about how sad Edmonton is. I am concluding that he is reaching out for a hug and expressing man feelings of sadness and needing support.

I actually began this article last week, but stopped writing because it came across much more seriously. My first title was very exciting and creative, “Sad in January.” I know I am not alone in this, but January and February are tough months. I tend to feel a little more sad and gloomy in the early months of the year. I have to work a little harder to maintain my mood because I take setbacks harder than I should in these months.

As I mature, I have come to find solace in blaming other people and outside events for my moods. I blame the weather, my employer and the calendar for feeling depressed:

  • The weather: Living in a cold climate where the average temperature hovers around -20 Celsius is freakin’ cold. This gets to you after a while. (-20 Celcius is about -400 Fahrenheit (actually it is only -4. I tend to overstate things a little, okay. Life is more drastic when you do that). I can’t just go out and sit on my front steps and breathe in the warm air and flower petal smells because I will freeze solid and die. Think Happy thoughts.
  • My employer: Not giving me an additional 2 weeks off to go and find myself is an issue. At least give me a napping room and a stuffy bear.
  • The calendar: I think the months after Christmas where summer vacation feels 600 months away can be draining. Why can’t Summer arrive a few weeks after December? Why do we need to have SADuary, Fed-Up-February and Maddening-March? Cold, ice, sleet and snow are not the cheeriest weather patterns. They tend to chip away at my chipperness. The calendar is organized stupidly and should be changed to meet my needs. Then I will feel better.

 “As I mature, I have come to find solace in blaming other people and outside events for my moods.”

If you are like me, it’s SADuary and you need something to look forward to. Take it easy on yourself. Think about the things you have to look forward to. And have a really big goal. My big goal this year is to plan for my retirement. Think about it! What a dream: Put your feet up, stay warm, avoid traffic and watch all of the Price is Right that you want.

What do you do when you face your own personal SADuaries? Leave a comment, I’d like to hear what you have to say.

Keep it real

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