23 Things that are Funnoying

I like Christmas but I hate Christmas shopping. I won’t bore you with a long list of reasons for this, but since you are listening here they are: crowds, sweating on each other, searching and never finding, mall food, mall breath after eating mall food, the weather, the parking, aggressive sales people, the sleepy feeling I get from walking in circles carrying heavy bags. Now I feel better!

Last Christmas I went shopping with my daughter. At first, neither of us were having a good time. So to pass the time, we developed a list of things that are both fun and annoying at the same time: Our Funnoying list. Developing our list made the shopping bearable. We decided to share our list with you to brighten your day!

23 Things that are Funnoying

1. Shopping. That was mine.

2. Christmas sales that last three months.

3. Small dogs that bark. Honestly, small barking dogs are not fun at all. They are actually just annoying.

4. Math, the number 13 and the color orange.

5. The following musical entertainers: Justin Bieber, Britney Spears and Celine Dion.

6. The Kardashians. Don’t get me started. Okay, thanks for asking… I still don’t understand why they are famous. What makes them special, other than their selfishness and a  fixation on fashion? They think they are hot, but so do most other people. Other than having a famous father, who is no longer a father because he is becoming their second mother, I don’t see what is so fascinating or unique about them? They’re no different than all of the other 13 year olds out there.


7. Pomegranates. Love to eat ‘em, hate to get all the juicy seed packets out.

8. Cats who scratch other people. And then they scratch you.

9. Cats who act like they own the world.


10. The Disney Channel.

11. Politicians. When they say funny things, we like that. Everything else is annoying. For more about this, see my article on Leadership Viagra.

12. Falling down when you ski.

13. McDonaldsmostly just annoying.

14. Telus Commercials. Telus is a regional (Western Canada) Telecommunications company. Their commercials feature prancing happy animals that have nothing to do with Tele or communications. I think the commercials are stupid, but I actually like this one. 

15. Parents of Teenagers.

16. Teenagers.

17. Farting sounds.

18. Pajama day at school, Pajama day at work.

19. Cleaning the house.

20. Brushing and flossing your teeth.

21. Brothers. (That one was her idea).

22. The person standing in front of me at the checkout in the mall. Just because.

23. People who wear camo outfits everywhere.

Really???? www.succedaneum.com

Now it is your turn, what’s on your Funnoying list?


Keep it real

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One thought on “23 Things that are Funnoying

  1. 1. guys with low rise pants bending over – so disgusting!
    2. “kids on board” signs where the driver is a maniac.
    3. biker at the park today – zooming past on the path
    Are these funnoying or just being cranky?????


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