A wandering mind is… What am I talking about again?

When animals wander we call them free range. But when minds wander, we call it ADD?


Creativity is letting your brain go: Free ranging your brain. For me, when I let my brain do it’s thing, at first it goes blank. Then I panic. What if my mind is an empty vessel, a tin can on the end of a string?

Free range brains. For us, most of our free ranging happens when we surf. We let advertisers, stupid news, stupid people and information provide us with a cognitive smorgasbord. The real obesity epidemic is from overweight and overloaded brains, caused by too much Internet. The only way our brains can handle it all is to become ADD or Anxious. And the little blue pill will save us.


Boredom, daydreaming, creativity, taking risks are free ranging. We get confused and think that some of that stuff is ADD. Don’t get me wrong, ADD is probably a real thing for some people. But minds are meant to wander. That’s what they are good at. A wandering mind is a fit mind. The wandering burns calories and keeps the cranium in shape. That way when we look in the mirror and we think we are hot, we’re not lyin!

I will repeat myself, because I think I have a point: A wandering mind is a fit mind and our minds are meant to wander. It’s our job to fill our minds good nutrition and then let them go. Eat, exercise and rest. Our minds need some good ideas, a little work and a lot of wandering. All that makes for a happy mind.

Do you remember your dreams? If you do, I envy you because I only remember my dreams at Christmas and birthdays. You know you are sane when you imagine crazy things. That’s really why I wish I remembered my dreams at night. Crazy dreams mean that I am okay… if I can’t remember my dreams, that must mean my brain has gone on vacation a few too many times.

Why is a free range mind such a scary thing? Are we afraid that if we let our minds wander they will be too tame and remain too close to home, or maybe they will just keep wandering (see video clip)? Both options are scary. I would have a hard time explaining on Monday morning that my work is not complete because I let my mind wander on the weekend, and it didn’t come back.

But I might just try it anyway.


I think that maturity is free ranging it. You know you have grown up when you know your limits and you know when to test them. You know how to let go sometimes and you know how to get back. You trust that you will be able to get back and that you can make things okay. A wandering mind is a beautiful thing. If you don’t dream at night, make up for it in the daytime.


Close your eyes and breathe calmly for a few seconds. Slow down your thoughts for a few seconds. And STOP READING. When you open your eyes, you are ready to wander. Let two words fall into your mind: Justin Beiber. Then let it go, let your mind wander.

Everyone needs a place to start, but where you go is up to you.

Keep it real

P.S. Drop me a note. I’m interested in where you go with this. Over the next few days, I will be writing an article about Justin Beiber and personal transformation. I am interested in your thoughts, if you have any. Leave comments on this post.

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