Repost: Not “Just One of the Guys,” Sarah Thomas Is “Just” The NFL’s First Female Official

I am Super Pumped about having one of my articles picked up by The Good Men Project.

The article is about Sarah Thomas, The NFL’s first female referee. I hope you will read the article. Click here for the link to my Good Men Project article. I appreciate any likes or comments on the article link that I have provided.

The article talks about women in leadership. I have been fortunate to work in a field that actively promotes women in positions of leadership. Not every field is as equal minded as Healthcare. Women are equally skilled and yet are frequently overlooked for positions of responsibility.

Just for you, I have included a link that outlines more of Sarah Thomas’ background and the history of Women officiates in sports.

The funny thing about this article is that I really am not much of a sports fan and I am pretty clumsy. I am, however, a fan of leadership and this story is really not about the NFL… it’s about the women in our lives. Men, it’s time to put down the football and put aside your beer. Yes, I know that is difficult. Go ahead, hug your mother. I promise I won’t cry.

I love this about life: A story is not about the surface elements. Dig a little, ask some questions and it’s not about their jobs. It’s about the person and what drives them. I am a fan of stories, that is what I love about writing.

Please take a moment to click on the link to my article, like it and make a comment. Please share with someone you know in sport or in any field who works with women in leadership.

If you are on Facebook, you can Like The Good Men Project here. The GMP talks about what it means to be a man. And real men Like The Good Men Project.

If you like this piece, you will enjoy my article on Marshawn Lynch. I have a few pieces on Lynch, search for his name and you will find them. He is funny and wise. A man of few words in a world that won’t stop talking.


Keep it real.

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