Business Poetry: Work is a four letter word

I like to read in the bathroom. You know, bathroom poetry. I realized that it stinks (the poetry). People are a hurry when they scratch it on the walls. I wonder if Moses felt the same way?

Last night, I ventured to the MillWoods Writers Collective. They are a group of writers, poets, singers and folk who meet at the Koffee Café. It is a fine café that serves Koffee and liquor at the same time, if you like kind of thing. The evening made me a bit reflective… but not because I had Kalua in my Koffee.

Does poetry have a place at work? I am not much of a poet but I have a soul and I go to work. Maybe if we have a little more poetry, we might just take back a little of our souls? I think that bringing our souls to work with us is a nice thing to do.

We aspire to be creative in our work, expressive in our speech, excellent in our service, growing in our relationships and reflective about our mistakes. How is this not poetry?

So I dove in and I will share my poem about work. It doesn’t rhyme, because rhyming is hard and it is early in the morning.

Too often our policy is like Imovane and

then we wonder why our workers go to sleep.


Work is a four letter word

Work is a four letter word.

You deposit your hours,

Withdraw your pennies,

Attend meetings,

Offer greetings.

Email trails,

Pace like snails.

Java Juiced.


At windows.


At scraping skies.

Wonder and awe,

Gaping eyes.

Back to the Net,

They call Intra,

Could be Hydra.

Burning Buddha.

Soul adrift.


Okay. So that’s my poem. But what else?

Did you know that your company policy can be poetry?

You probably don’t write your policy like it is a poem. If you do that, or if you know someone whose policy is more poetry, let me know. I might just work for them. Who wouldn’t want to work at a company that takes the time to make poetry out of policy?

Too often our policy is like Imovane and then we wonder why our workers go to sleep. Most companies hire lawyers to write their policy because we all know that lawyers write so beautifully and so clearly. Hmm.


The Poetics of Policy

We want you to be different but be common,

Common mission.

Ask permission,

Practice respect,

To minimize regret.

Inhabit your desk but don’t inhibit,

Be busy, don’t exhibit.

Know No, Yes and Maybe,

Ethics can sound crazy.


Say yes to InNOvation.

We know that Innovation,

Is no vacation.

Know who will be the first to aid you,

If you have an attack of the heart.

Join our mission and bleed,

The essence of our Creed.

Share with friends but not with strangers,

Share our products not our secrets.

No staring. That’s creepy.

Go home when you are sleepy.


IMG_1738 (2)If you like this, you may just like my articles on Mindful meditation about business meetings, business spirituality and The Daily Semicolon: The rest of your story. I would love to hear your prose or poetry. Share your journey. Until then…


Keep it real;

Please share this and let’s be friends.

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