How God Works


I don’t know God’s address or his phone number. And when I tweet, he doesn’t answer me. But I do know a little bit about how he works.


God does not do everyday miracles for me. I really would like him to do that, but my only miracles happen on Monday’s when I manage to get out of bed. It is a miracle that I discovered coffee, it is my constant friend on a cold day.

Yesterday, I wrote on Facebook:

“God works his grace into the grains of our lives by everyday occurrences: unexpected kind treatment from others, an undeserved cup of water, through surprises, by meeting our needs, and through acceptance where we expect rejection. We work hard and God meets us in the heat and in the dust. God works ahead of us.”

I find God in everyday situations and he appears in the faces of the people I meet.

Some people commented that they like that. I wasn’t trying to be profound, just honest about my experience. I find God in everyday situations and he appears in the faces of the people I meet.

Most times, I am too busy and preoccupied to notice him. Then he vanishes like Batman and I have no idea what I missed out on. I like being quiet in the morning. That is probably the wrong time to be quiet. It may be better to be quiet when we are with other people. Maybe we will notice God or notice each other a little more.

I have nothing else profound to say. Just that I notice you. You matter to me and you matter to your family and to your friends.

Thank you by the way for continuing to read and share my posts. I have written 200 posts so far and a few of them are not bad.

If you like what I write, please share it. That is the greatest compliment you could give to an author.

Keep it Real.

Photo: Courtesy of the author, street art from Lima, Peru.

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