Depression is a Dark Window

LightI have a dark window in my house and it has taught me many things.


A few years ago, we replaced the windows in our house. The renovation was a serious investment of money but it has filled the house with new light. The replacement left us with one dark window that has a beautiful view of the neighbor’s vinyl siding. Initially I hated the window.

Lately, the window has come to mean a lot to me because it reminds me that we need each of the windows that we are given. This post was originally written as an Art Journal titled, “My Dark Window.”

My Dark Window

My dark window is on the side of my house where shadows easily fall. Weeds grow because I neglect it and don’t spend much time there. It overlooks a fence and the neighbor’s house. Nothing but vinyl siding and spiders.


But it’s only one window.

I have many others that give me a different outlook. The front window gives me a street view. The upstairs window gives me a sky view. And the back patio doors wash the kitchen with light.

I need each window for it’s own reason. Even my dark window overlooks a few lonely flowers.

I can appreciate the views that each window gives. If I look closely enough, every window has it’s shadows. Where we look is what we see. It is not the shadows that make a house, but the people inside: our life, our hope, our home.

My dark window has taught me that windows are more about my outlook than my view.

Each window is a picture of how life exists, how it thrives and how it adapts, life outside and life inside. My dark window has taught me that windows are more about my outlook than my view.

Keep it Real

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