Teenage Insanity Syndrome Affects Teens and Adults

Your Teenager is Crazy

The other day I gave my wife the look. At 7:30 on a Thursday morning, I was finished. We love him, but our teenage son is driving us mad.


Words are inadequate to describe the experience of living with a teenager. Parents, you are not alone:

  • You feel confusion mixed with love and you begin to talk to yourself. “Is she really mine? She gets this from your side of the family!
  • You feel tension that temps you to drink your feelings away, “Have I not told you five times to brush your teeth?” 
  • Just when you are ready for bed, after fighting to get him to take a shower, you realize he has been in there for 30 minutes. How could he be in there for 30 minutes, when all he has to do is wash his hair, his feet and his pits?!?

I understand enough about child development to cause trouble. I know that the teenage brain is exploding with new cells and synapses. It makes me wonder if all of the cognitive renovations lead to a form of temporary insanity?

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One thought on “Teenage Insanity Syndrome Affects Teens and Adults

  1. Some teens suffer from “temporary insanity” more than others. I have two daughters that are now in their mid twenties. One I suffered with in her teens (ha ha!) and the other was calm, easygoing and actually a wise soul in those years.

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