8 Reasons Halloween Will Make You Happy

Other days of the year are important, but Halloween is pure fun, 100% artificial sugar and all silicone. Just like Ozzy Ozbourne.


8 Reasons Why Halloween Will Make You Happy!

1. It is the only time of the year that taking candy from strangers is okay. In fact, I encourage my kids to take as much candy as they can get. Next day, a stranger offers me candy, I will run away.

My Neighbor is Chewbacca 2. The Neighbor sits in front of his house dressed as Chewbacca and it makes us laugh. Next day, we wish he would go back inside his house.

3. Stalking children is okay and asking them for some of their candy is allowed.

4. The only day of the year when you are welcomed to look inside your neighbor’s house. On November 1, try walking up to your neighbor’s door and ringing. When they open the door, take a good look inside, scream “Trick or Treat” and hold out your hand. Slammed doors and closed curtains will occur.

My family, High on Halloween Candy5. It brings out your inner risk taker. What other day can you proudly post photos of yourself dressed up as a Madonna Vampire, Serial Killing twin sisters, or any of the Star Wars characters? Then again, it is social media. People do that all of the time.

6. You have permission to eat candy at 7am.

7. Stranger danger rules get waved. Halloween gives us permission to talk to strangers because we all look strange that day.

8. It is the one day of the year that you get to experience life, Ozzy Ozbourne style. Silicone implants, an all-day sugar high, getting to play dress up and being welcomed to scream into people’s faces. It could be you.

This is me, high on Halloween candy.
This is me, high on Halloween candy.

Keep it Real

Photos copyright smswaby. Article concept courtesy of MMSwaby. Chewbacca man really is my neighbor and he is one of the funniest risk-takers that I know.

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