Five Benefits of Being Humor Drunk

Man Becomes Humor-Drunk

Shopping for Halloween costumes made me humor-drunk. 


Humor can save us and it can make us high. When we laugh, our brains secrete what my doctor calls “happy chemicals.” That’s probably what drug dealers say about everything they sell. No, my doctor is not a “doctor of back alley medicine.”

Five reasons why laughter will make us humor-drunk and will improve your day by at least 1%:

1. Being Humor-Drunk Makes you More Creative

When we laugh, our brain gets high because of all of the happy juices. We become temporarily irrational because we are too happy. This won’t get you out of jail, but it may start an interesting conversation the next time you get a speeding ticket…

You: Sorry officer, I was speeding because I am just way too happy.

Police officer: Okay sir, can you step out of your car and blow into the machine.

2. Being Humor-Drunk Makes You Take Things Less Seriously

Last night, my kids and I went shopping for odds and ends so they can create this year’s Halloween costumes. My daughter wants to be a Huntress and my son wants to be King Diamond, lead singer of a Death Metal band. I told my son that with a name like King Diamond, he must be a narcissist with self esteem problems. Why else would a man wear black and white makeup and scream for a living?

Shopping for costumes is fun because you get to play dress up. The only other time of the year you can dress up without seeming weird is at Christmas or when Star Wars launches it’s next movie.

3. Being Humor-Drunk Allows Your Inner Child to Play

Halloween is a little like dreaming. When we wake up, we wonder what it all meant. Dreams are a little symbolic, so is our choice of Halloween costumes. We could probably analyze our psychological self by looking at the kind of costumes that we like.

This year, I would like to wear a Green Lantern costume. A Psychiatrist would probably say that my wish to wear a mask comes from the hidden side to my personality, that I have a fixation on jewelry and I wish that life was magical. Check, check and check!

Halloweenis4. Being Humor-Drunk Gets You In Touch With Your Weenis

I told my kids that we are looking for a Halloweenis. What is that, you ask? A few years ago, my son informed me that a Weenis is the loose skin on your elbow. A Halloweenis is a costume for your Weenis.

My Halloweenis is going to dress up as a Mohawk wearing Beatnik.

5. Being Humor-Drunk Can Save Your Life

Many comedians experience mental illness, addiction or other personal issues. Humor keeps them focused and productive. Without their humor, they could become very ill. Humor-Drunk can save your life and it can save you money.

It can save your life because when you laugh you use muscles that cannot get a workout in the gym. Strong face muscles are a result of laughter, not weightlifting. That is why most weightlifters grunt and cry. Laughing would help them, if they give it a try. It can save you money because you don’t need to leave the house to be entertained.

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