Movember: Save Your Pits and Your Health

My Movember Pits

This Movember, Sean Swaby will not shave any of his hair, not even his pits. His hair will be doing the work to raise awareness, raise funds and to raise eyebrows for men’s health.


Not even my pits will get a shave, because a big cause demands big sacrifices.

I am a happily bearded man. For Movember 2015, I will let my hair take me where it wants to go. I’m taking a month off from shaving, trimming and haircuts. Not even my pits will get a shave, because a big cause demands big sacrifices.

Put the Mo into Your Movember

Taking a break from shaving is a pain. Honestly, I don’t like stubble and I hate having Medusa hair. My philosophy is that you can’t control many things in life, but at least your hair needs to go your way.

Body hair is external and visible but mental health is often internal and invisible. Growing a little stubble and bearing with some saggy hair is a reminder of the internal battles that men and women with mental health issues face every day.

My father suffered from alcoholism, abuse and depression. He grew up in an era where the only therapy available was courtesy of Jack Daniels. What lights my fire is that things can be better for you and I. My goal is to support men in their efforts to care for their own and each other’s mental health.

How about you, who puts the Mo into your Movember?

If you would like to sponsor me on my Movember challenge – click here and you can join my team or help out toward my Movember goal.

To read more, please follow this link to the article in the Good Men Project.  You will find all of my Good Men Project content at my author page.

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