Ann Lamott: My Recovery Began With a Cake

Writer Ann Lamott’s sobriety began with cake, coffee and a conversation. How about yours?


For Ann Lamott to become clean it took cake, coffee and a conversation. After a lifetime of drinking and drugs, she got tired of it. She was sick, ashamed and confused and found herself ready to change. When she reached that point, she called a friend and asked him “What do I do?” That was all that it took.

Before she became clean, she found God. She was a drunk, drug using, bulimic Christian. She found a place where she could be who she was, alcohol on her breath and shame in her shoes. We all need someplace like that now and then.

What her sobriety has taught her is that spirituality is so important that it is worth doing badly. So go ahead, make a mess with you religion or whatever you do that helps you connect. Do it badly, no one cares and no one is counting.

Listening to what calls you from your spirit or you will kick yourself when you grow old. Ann Lamott


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Keep it RealGMP Be the Change

Previously published by smswaby on The Good Men Project

Photo courtesy of Ann Lamott

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