How to Have the Time of Your Life in Recovery


Some things just aren’t worth your time?


Each day means a new 24 hours. Each day means everything is possible again. You live in the moment, you die in the moment. You take it all one day at a time. “Day” from Marie Lu’s novel, “Legend.”



Today is new.

Today is THE day.

Today is your To-Day… it is a gift.

Today is a gift to you: the gift of daylight, the gift of possibility and the gift of a clean slate.

Today consists 24 hours, 1440 minutes and 86400 seconds. Moments pass you by as you live out today.

Today may contain many things for you:  stress, pain, trauma, peace, striving, and success. And some days will contain all of these things. You can make it.

Today comes from the Old English word, Daeg. It means “lifetime.” One of the risks of daylight is that it can burn you because of the heat. Wear sunglasses and know when to take shade. The word today is related to the Sanscrit word, “to burn.” Know that you don’t need to own tomorrow or control yesterday. All that you have is one day at a time.

Today is a choice. You can drink it away. You may watch TV all day. You may eat your way through too much food, again. Or you can choose to have a different day. You can live by your most important values. Take a moment to think about them, feel them deeply, right now.

Today, each day, contains your entire lifetime. The past, present and future each will collide for you, today. There isn’t really a past, nor a future. They only exist in your mind. You will change when you learn to make the choices that you are able to make today rather than letting the pain of the past or the worry of the future pull you away from this moment.

Today is where you live out your life. Your time is your life. Know that some things just are not worth your time.

Today is what you have. This moment is what you have. Will you give it away to the quicksand of the past or the black hole of the future?

Today is what you have. What choice will you make…



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